Childhood Immunisations

At Keysborough Medical Centre all childhood immunisations that are listed on the National Immunisation Schedule are bulk-billed.

Children are currently immunised at birth, 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 4 years of age.

Adolescents can receive vaccinations at their school; however, we are able to provide catch up immunisations as per the schedule at our practice.

Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccines are FREE to the following eligible patients:

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders from 6 months of age
    People aged 65 years or over

  • Pregnant women (during any stage of pregnancy)
  • All people over 6 months of age with certain medical conditions (asthma, lung or heart disease, low immunity or diabetes).
  • Children under 5 years of age

Whooping Cough

The Whooping Cough (Boostrix) vaccine is government funded for the following:

  • All pregnant women from 20 weeks gestation during every pregnancy regardless of the interval between pregnancies
  • partners of pregnant women in the third trimester if the partner has not received a pertussis vaccine booster in the past 10 years
  • parents/guardians of babies, if their baby is under 6 months of age and they have not received a pertussis vaccine booster in the past 10 years.

Parents and guardians include, but are not limited to:

  • fathers
  • same-sex partners
  • foster parents
  • adoptive parents
  • surrogate parents
  • co-parents
  • any other legal guardians

Grandparents are ONLY eligible for the free vaccine if they are the primary carer or legal guardian of the newborn baby. All other grandparents in close contact with newborns can purchase vaccine with a private prescription.

Shingles (Chicken Pox)

The shingles vaccine, Zostavax®, has been approved to be placed on the National Immunisation Program (NIP), to be provided free of charge from 1 November 2016 to people aged 70 years, subject to vaccine supply. There will also be a five-year catch-up program for people aged 71 – 79 years.